There is nothing like pony magic, with the appeal of these magnificent creatures to children of all ages.   Our gentle ponies are a huge hit.  And they are clean and well-cared for. 

A pony party provides many memorable experiences.  And older siblings will usually participate with younger---a great opportunity for sharing.

We strive to inspire horsemanship and provide an educational riding experience.  Our handlers interact with children, and we provide a handler for every pony.

We offer themes (see Birthday Photos) at no charge, including dress up items and some fun music! 

There are great photo opportunities and our handlers will pose ponies for parents photos.

After the riding, the fun continues with complementary hands-on time, for brushing and decorating the ponies.  We supply brushes and fun hair barrettes for pony manes.   We've found this very popular with children, enhancing a very horsey experience! 

For some tips, see Planning a Pony Party.