About Our Ponies

We have a range of pony sizes, and we are one of the only companies offering larger ponies.  This gives a lot of flexibility to accomodate not only larger children (to 140 lb), but also children riding together (more actual riding!), as well as very young children, who will often start out riding with an older sibling, even  a small mom!  Also excellent for teens including special needs children.

All our ponies are gentle and accustomed to children.  We get lots of complements on our ponies---especially from experienced horsepeople, who recognize that they are healthy and well cared for.

We have a number of ponies, these are some of the breeds:

Haflinger - this is a draft pony breed of excellent disposition, ranging from 11 to 14 hands (44 to 56").  Very sturdy, our biggest (Daisy) can carry up to 180 lb!  Sweet and friendly, they are a favorite.  Most Haflingers come in a dark palomino color (see photo above), with blonde main and tail.  The breed is native to Austria and Northern Italy.  Our ponies Toby, Katie, and Daisy have been very popular.

Welsh - this is a sturdy small pony in the US, generally 10 to 11 hands (40 to 44").  Often dark gray or dark brown.  Carry up to 100 lb.  They are friendly and also hard workers.  Tinkerbelle (now retired), and before her, Target, were very popular---and by summer 2010 we expect to be bringing out Jedi, who is a very affectionate gentleman.

P.O.A. - Pony of the Americas - The POA is a popular child's mount in the US.  They range from 11 to 12 hands (44 to 48").  They are the result of a cross between the Shetland pony and Appaloosa horses, and many have "appy" spots on their rump.  Younger POAs often have grey color and they "roan out" (become more white) with age.  Tend to have a little "shetland attitude", so not always the easiest mount for beginners.  Cody still is a hit, especially when we need a white pony (and sometimes, a unicorn!)  Hollywood and Cinderella, gentle POA crosses, are pinto colored (white and brown).

Peruvian Paso - A rare breed and the only breed to have a distinctive "paddle" in the motion of their front feet.  They don't trot.  They walk --- and they can walk a range of speeds, from a normal walk to a much faster walk, faster than a horse trots!  They are native to South America, thus the name.  A relative is the Pasofino, which also does not trot.  Size usually 13.2 to 14.2 hands (54 to 58").  Carries up to 140 lb.  Our pony Josie was a rescue.  She is very sweet and has been very popular!

Tennessee Walking Pony - Bred especially from the larger Tennessee Walking Horse, a very honest horse in our experience.  Size 13 - 14 hands (52 to 56").  Strong, carries up to 150 lb.  Our pony Bolli Butterscotch is one of our newer team members and is a winner!

Quarter Pony - A cross between Quarter Horse and a pony breed, often Welsh.  Can be almost any color, typically 13 to 14 hands (52 to 56").  Versatile and sturdy, carry up to 150 lb.  Our pony Foxy has been the backbone of Party Pony Express.  Originally we were unsure how a big pony would work out, but when we tried her, we soon noticed how popular she was with children--no matter how small the children, her line was always the biggest! 

About our Donkeys

Our donkeys are domesticated saddle donkeys, as opposed to wild burros.  They are very gentle and ride similar to a pony, though they are more challenging to fit with a saddle because they are shaped a bit differently than a horse.  Sasha (pictured on our Donkey Rides page) and her baby (now grown and starting to train) Comet have been very popular.  Rolli is a mammoth (large donkey related to the Poitou, which were imported from France by George Washington, who used them to breed mules for farm use!)   They carry about 120 lbs.