Party Pony Express offers our delightful hand-led rides for company picnics, family reunions, wedding receptions, school carnivals, festivals, street fairs, and almost any special event.

We offer great packages tailored for either corporate events or churches and schools. 

For fundraisers, we can show you how tickets can recoup nearly all of your cost.

We always provide a handler for each pony, and for day-long events we bring an extra pony so that we can provide the ponies with longer rest periods. 

Groups especially love the personallized attention we give each child. 

Our friendly handlers will even stop and pose ponies for parent's photos.

We clean up.  Our area will be kept clean while we work and will be clean when we leave.  And unlike a sweep (pony wheel), our hand-led ride is easy on turf since the ponies walk a varied route.

We have an excellent reputation and are first choice among major event caterers in our area.

Special considerations:  Horses have very sensitive hearing.  To maintain a low-stress environment for our ponies, we do not work where very loud events, such as black powder (shooting) is being done, and we will stage in an area away from loud amplified sound.  We do request shaded loading areas for long events.  Turf is fine but should be dry, so best not to water the day before.